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Get straight answers about the benefits and available riders for whole life insurance products.

There are many scenarios in which choosing whole life insurance rather than a term policy makes a great deal of sense. If the idea of a guaranteed death benefit, cash accumulation value, and level premium are something you are looking for, I can help.

Whole Life Insurance in Hickory, North Carolina

It is important to note that not all whole life insurance policies are the same. At Unifour Life and Retirement in Hickory, North Carolina, I offer quality products from the highly trusted Transamerica life insurance company because of their long history of unparalleled underwriting, customization abilities, customer service, and more. They care about protecting your family as much as we do! There are several different riders that can be added to your whole life insurance to meet your specific needs, including living benefits options that allow access to a part of the death benefit in the case of a critical, chronic, or terminal illness.

You can rest assured that I will go over all your options, address all your questions, and help you choose the right whole life insurance product and riders for your situation. I can review current coverages you already have to see if there are any gaps that need to be filled or if one of the Transamerica options would give you better protection at a better price than what you have now.

Now is the time to act to protect your future and your family’s future. Reach out to me today with any questions you might have about whole life insurance or other types of life insurance.