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Let me tell you about term life insurance, which includes living benefits as well as a death benefit.

It might surprise you to learn that all term life insurance is not alike. While traditionally, term coverage has been considered a short-term solution, with other types of life insurance being preferable for their long-term advantages and living benefits, I’m happy to say that you may be able to get more than you think from term the life insurance options offered from Transamerica.

Term Life Insurance in Hickory, North Carolina

Here at Unifour Life and Retirement, I will take great care to learn what your needs are before making a recommendation. Transamerica’s Trendsetter LB (Living Benefits) Term Life Insurance offers protection when you need it the most, not just as a death benefit for your loved ones, but also to benefit you while you’re still alive! That’s right! Transamerica’s Living Benefits allows you to use your death benefit while you’re still alive. Illnesses such as cancer, heart attack, and stroke, just to name a few, are some of the many are covered in this plan. Based on the severity of the illness, a client can withdraw up to 90% of their coverage amount. You will be able to use your living benefits any way that you choose, including replacing your lost income, covering medical expenses, paying for in-home care or a facility, or paying your bills.

I will also take the time to go over coverage limits and initial term periods so you can choose what best fits your goals and budget. I’ll help you personalize your policy to provide the guaranteed income you would need if the unexpected were to happen. My goal is to give you peace of mind that your financial health is secure because you’re prepared. Reach out to me today to get answers to your questions about term life insurance in Hickory, North Carolina.