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Let me help if you’d rather leave behind an inheritance than a final expense burden.

With today’s funeral costs ever rising, it makes sense to look into final expense coverage so your loved ones are not scrambling to figure out how to come up with as much as $25,000 to cover the funeral and cemetery costs. At Unifour Life and Retirement, you’ll find the solution you need. I understand that you would much prefer to leave behind an inheritance rather than a long list of final expenses, so let me help you with a specialized life insurance product that is designed for this purpose.

Final Expense in Hickory, North Carolina

Transamerica offers three products: Immediate Solution, 10-Pay Solution, and Easy Solution. These final expense products have the least underwriting available. For example, I have provided coverage for clients who are on blood pressure and diabetes medication. Each has its own maximum death benefits, which are designed to cover the typical funeral. There are also additional riders that you can choose based on your specific situation, which I am happy to go over so you can have the peace of mind you desire.

The good news is that you can receive this predictable and customizable coverage even if you thought your age or health might make it difficult to qualify. It is not like traditional medically underwritten life insurance, so you can get the final expense protection for your Hickory, North Carolina family that will have you resting easier that their burden will be lessened.

If you have questions about final expense life insurance that could provide with up to $50,000 of coverage (depending on age and product selected), reach out to me today. I’m happy to go over your options and address your questions.