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 If you are changing jobs, it is the perfect time to consider your 401k rollover & protection options.

While you should always be thinking about the future and planning for retirement and beyond, there are certain times in life when it is important to stop and carefully consider your financial options. If you are changing jobs or getting ready to retire, it is important to evaluate your current situation and consider how you can use options like 401k rollover to improve your future financial prospects. At Unifour Life and Retirement, I am passionate about helping everyone in the Hickory, North Carolina area prepare for tomorrow.

401k Rollover & Protection in Hickory, North Carolina

Here are the circumstances in which you can roll over your 401K without taking a penalty.

  • If you become separated from the company due to changing jobs, termination, or retiring. Once you are no longer employed with a company, you have the option to roll over your 401K without incurring a penalty regardless of age.
  • If you are 59 1/2, most companies will allow their employees to rollover part or all of their 401k without incurring a penalty. You can still contribute to your 401K as you continue working for your employer, even after rolling over all or part of your 401k.

Why would someone want to roll over their 401k? Once you leave your employer, your 401k just sits there in a “seesaw” stock market. I use the term “seesaw” because your 401k could be up one day and down the next. Also, your 401k is subject to the same theory by leaving it in your company-provided 401k while you’re 59 1/2 or older and still working for your employer.

So, what’s the benefit of contacting me for help with your 401k? It’s this simple– I can show you how rolling over your 401k in a fixed indexed annuity can be more beneficial by protecting your initial amount and also your future gains. Also, you never have to worry about losing any of your funds in a fixed indexed annuity. Contact me for more information and answers to your questions about how I can help you protect your 401k without losing any of your funds.

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