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Working with a life insurance specialist has numerous benefits.

nifour Life and Retirement, Hickory, NCThe typical method for securing life insurance is to do research across a number of options from numerous life insurance companies. That can be more than a little overwhelming and leave you with less satisfying results than you might think. The best way is to work with a life insurance specialist who has done all that work for you and settled on a trusted company. My name is Jay Moore, and at Unifour Life and Retirement, I have something to offer that I believe is a unique and effective way to protect tomorrow’s life and retirement needs.

As a certified, qualified life insurance specialist for Transamerica, I am in the position to offer life insurance solutions to anyone who is 55 and under without the hassle of a medical exam. I know my insurance products inside out, so I can provide you with detailed information that you might not get from a broker dealing with multiple life insurance companies.

I am very passionate about helping everyone with their tomorrow and would love the opportunity to help you plan for the future. I am the only agent in this region who has ever reached the Court of the Table distinction with Transamerica. I also won Agent of the Year for four of the last five years, not to mention numerous Agent of the Month awards as well. That is what separates me from the rest. Unlike other agents who sell home, auto, and other lines of insurance, I specialize in life insurance. I am not your typical agent. In fact, I am a Management Representative for Transamerica. When you deal with me, you’re dealing with a specialist who is tasked with life insurance and not other lines of business.

By focusing only on one subject and one company, I can offer you the best possible experience. I don’t sell home, auto, health, or even business insurance. Instead of dabbling in everything, I prefer to be a life insurance specialist you can trust for the best service.

Reach out to me today in Hickory, North Carolina to learn more about the products that Transamerica has to offer and why I am proud to have a great relationship with the best life insurance company in the world.